Toby's meats are smoked low and slow with Hickory and hard Oak woods that  make the meat very

                                                                 juicy and tender that creates a succulent flavor.

Our slow smoked Brisket is rubbed down with our Signature rub and then slow smoked for about 12  hours. Afterwards they're wrapped for about two hours. The flavors will explode in your mouth mmm... and the meat will fall apart on your plate.

​Call Toby today, your Guest will be glad you did!

Our Ribs are what you read about, rubbed down, slow smoked for about 4 hours then we mop them with with our special sauce then we wrap them up. Next, we throw them on the fire just long enough to fire kiss that sauce into the meat. You will need to bib up...



Pulled Pork



Our Pork Butts are rubbed down with our signature rub, then coated and mopped with our very own special sweet and spicy sauce. We smoke this work of art for about 10 hours then we wrap it for about 2  hours this Pork will melt in your mouth, guaranteed!

​Pork Ribs